Who Is Blade?

 It’s 4:30 pm in Lower Manhattan and you have a flight at NY JFK in Queens at 6:45 to San Francisco. To arrive on time, you have the next hour and a half. 

And worst of all, It’s rush hour..

 You have two options: Sit in NYC traffic and potentially miss your flight or two, go to one of 4 conveniently located heliports right within Manhattan for a 5-6 minute helicopter ride direct to JFK. This time saving, and a convenient option offered by the company Blade. 

Blade offers nonstop helicopter flights to and from Manhattan, JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, and White Plains/Westchester County. Starting at $195 a seat, nearly the same price as Uber or a taxi. If you want to go the more luxurious route, you can charter your own helicopter too. Plus, you get to experience exclusive perks such as a visit to their private heliport lounges that include free drinks, snacks, "swag bags," and more. 

Blade also offers its customers other pay by seat options as well, such as flights to Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and Newport (RI). They primarily provide flights and charters throughout the Northeast but also have a growing base in Los Angeles, and they are planning to expand to new markets soon. 

You can also charter an aircraft to and from anywhere in the world. They offer more aircraft options including but not limited to Gulfstream IV, Cessna Grand Caravan, or Pilatus'. 

As described by a Blade employee, Blades team has made a focus on their brand by offering their customers the best in the aviation charter world. They have four main branches of the Blade family. The first: their aircraft charter company, where you can contact Blade either by phone or email and request a charter to and from virtually anywhere in the world. The second: Blade Bounce which is the pay per seat option, currently only offered in New York City to the airports and surrounding areas. The Third: Blade One, which is a winter service provided by Blade running nonstop New York to Miami flights on board a business jet CRJ-200. That particular aircraft in an airline configuration would have 50 seats, but on Blade it only has 16, allowing its guests the utmost comfort and style on the nearly 3-hour flight to the sunny, warm beaches of Miami, prices do vary on this route each year. Lastly, Blade offers the scheduled pay by seat option to with flights to popular destinations like the Hamptons, the New Jersey Shore, Nantucket, & Montauk. 

Blade offers a very personalized experience. In NYC Blade Bounce has a surprisingly comparable fare to Uber and taxis, especially at high fare times of the day such as rush hour The Bounce brand was not created to compete with either Uber or a taxi service but if it will bear similar costs. 

Plus, Blade offers their charter service between Downtown Los Angeles and LAX in California but currently do not offer Bounce there; plans are in the works to bring Bounce out west though. Blade does not own its aircrafts nor supply the crew, even though all their aircraft feature Blades signature black & white livery. They use aircraft management companies such as Fly the Whale Aircraft Management for their aircraft, pilots, and flight attendants. These birds include Sikorsky, Bell 407's, Cessna seaplanes and more. 

Blade has an impeccable safety record and is committed to their guests by offering a "swanky" lounge experience in all of its lounges. They provide a full complimentary bar, food from local NYC shops/markets, and they have some unique touches. One being rosé served inside a sippy cup. 

To top it off, Blade also has convenient app; it has all the tools necessary to book a seat or charter a whole aircraft, even with as little as ninety minutes till you would need to depart. Blade already has a large following on Social Media via Instagram, so the app fits right in with their marketing strategies. 

Another time-saving facet Blade has to offer is no rigorous TSA allowing for you to arrive minutes before departure, in a world where time is money this sure helps to keep things moving on track with ease. A word we here at WorldTravelReport try to always convey to you, our audience. 

Blade will be offering further packages this year such as giving out free two-night hotel accommodations for weekend trips to Nantucket when you fly with them. 

Overall, Blade has proven themselves to be a strong contender in the ever-expanding aviation charter industry, and on top of that their unique time-saving approaches, such as Blade Bounce is revolutionizing the aviation industry. 

So next time you are in New York and need a ride to the airport, or if you need to charter an aircraft to anywhere in the world, book with Blade for complete reliability and personalization. 

-Brandon Aronoff 

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