Things to do in Minneapolis/St. Paul (The Twin Cities)

The Twin Cities are definitely on rise with the Super Bowl and the X-games having been hosted there over the past 2 years. In this guide I will explain what I would recommend doing in the Twin Cities. 

For the sake for this guide, the I am considering the Twins Cities to be all of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. 

The Twin Cities have grown a lot in the past ten years, just to list a few things major events: Target field was built, the metrodome was torn down and a US bank stadium has been built, and the Twin Cities are currently being considered to be Amazon’s next headquarters.

Here are some of the top things to do in the Twin Cities.

1: Mall of America- Yeah I know this is pretty obvious. The Mall of America is the biggest mall in the United States, with about 520 shops inside. In addition to the 520 shops there are countless restaurants, from fast food to sit down, a movie theatre, an amusement park, and a mini golf course. One of my favorite stores in the mall is Rybicki Cheese. They sell some great cheese curds and other great cheese products. Some of my other favorite stores are as follows. The Microsoft and Apple store (I always love to see the new technology they are selling), and Lips/ other sporting gear stores. Some of my favorite restaurants are as follows. Shake Shack, Chick-fil-a, and CRAVE. 

2: MSP Aircraft Viewing Area- If you like airplanes, aviation, or if you just like to get close to airplanes, I would definitely check this place out. The viewing area is in the middle of the airport and you do not need anything to get into the viewing area, admission is free, and parking is also free. There are no restrooms in the viewing area, so be prepared, especially if brining little ones. The viewing area opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. Here is the address for the viewing area- Cargo Rd, St Paul, MN 55111

3: Wild Game- If you are planning on visiting twin cities during the hockey season, you should 100% go to a wild game. Tickets are generally pretty inexpensive, and the food is very good for the price. The atmosphere is electrifying, plus, everyone is friendly. I always enjoy going to wild games, they never get old, and as you probably know hockey is a huge part of Minnesotan culture.

4: Biking around a lake or downtown- There are a ton of great lakes to bike around, hence why Minnesota is named the state with 10,000 lakes. Drivers are very friendly downtown and will always yield to bikers.  My favorite lake to bike around is Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis.

5: The Walker Art Center- The Walker Art Center is home to the famous Cherry and Spoon. To see the Cherry and Spoon is free, but if you want to go inside the Art Center it will cost $15 dollars if you are 18+ and free for any kids 17 and younger. It gives a real sense of Minnesota culture.

6: Valley Fair- Valley Fair is a good-sized amusement park. It is not six flags, but it is still pretty nice. It costs $37 if you buy online. I would recommend picking a day that is not that hot, and if you can, go on a weekday instead of the weekend to avoid longer lines. Bring a bathing suit with you because there is a full water park that comes with the admission fee.

7: The Food- The Twin Cities are not known for their food, but it is still pretty damn good. Some of my favorite more casual restaurants are The Blue Door Pub in St. Paul and Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis, both have great burgers. Be prepared to wait a little bit for both restaurants as they are a little bit small, also, they do not allow for reservations. Some of my favorite more upscale restaurants are, Pazzaluna Italian in St. Paul and Chino Latino in Minneapolis. Both of these restaurants require you to make a reservation beforehand. The food is a bit more on the expensive side, but it is sure worth it!

8: The Science Museum of Minnesota- Even if science does not interest you, there is so much to do and learn in The Science Museum of Minnesota. A lot of the time, the museum will have a seasonal display, for example, as of writing this guide the seasonal display is sportology.  There are a ton of other displays, there is even an Imax theater for you to enjoy. When you are inside the museum you have a great view of the grand ole’ Mississippi.  The cost to enter into the Museum is free for children three and younger. It is $12.95 for children, 14 and younger, and seniors, 65 and older. It is $18.95 for adults. For Imax only, it is free for children under three. It is $8.95 for children, 14 and younger, and for seniors, 65+.  It is $9.95 for adults 

We hope this city guide help you find something to do while you are visiting my hometown, The Twin Cities!

-Bennett Ashton 

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