Flying Delta First Class for the First Time

Let me start off by saying Delta is a great airline, and I try to fly with them as often as I can. The flight attendants and crew are always very friendly plus the gate agents and ground will help you with everything anything you need. My family and I were flying from San Francisco to Los Angeles, it was a very short flight only about a 50 minutes. My dad flies Delta quite a lot and has diamond medallion status with them. We tend to get upgraded to Delta Comfort+ often but time was different, we got upgraded to first class! It was only a 50 minute flight but still first class is first class. 

We were the firsts ones to board the 65 seat CRJ-700, operated by Delta connection carrier Skywest. The first thing I noticed was how big the seats and how much leg room we had!  When we got settled into our seats the flight attendant asked if we wanted anything to drink. It was early in the morning, so I decided to ask for orange juice as my pre-departure drink. It came in a very nice glass cup. Right before we took off the flight attendants came back around and collected our cups. 

Once in the air, the views out the window were amazing. Everywhere you looked it was scenic and beautiful. A glorious morning to fly down the California coast. Shortly after reaching our cruising altitude, the flight attendant came around and asked what we would like to drink and have as a snack, no meal service was provided due to the short duration of the flight.. I decided to go with some orange juice yet again and some cookies. I love Delta’s cinnamon Biscoff cookies they are extremely good and a staple of the aviation experience. I wish I could have stayed on that plane forever. The views were amazing, the seat was very comfortable and the flight attendant was very nice to, but all good things have to come to a end. The captain announced that we are going to start our initial descent down to Los Angeles. I was sad when I heard this, since the flight was so great. The flight attendant came around and collected our cups and garbage.

The landing in Los Angeles was very smooth. We arrived in Los Angeles about 10 minutes early and had to wait for the gate to open up. All in all we waited about 25 minutes for the gate. 

Looking back on this flight, I would definitely fly on this route again in a heartbeat. I always enjoy flying Delta, and this flight is no different. My first ever first class flight on Delta is definitely one to remember!

-Bennett Ashton

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