Delta Airlines: Delta Comfort +

Delta Airlines offers three main classes of service on the domestic U.S. and short-haul international flights. Those being First Class, Economy, and Delta Comfort +. All of the Delta mainline and regional aircraft have Delta Comfort +. Even on the small 50 seat CRJ-200.

I have flown Delta Comfort+ quite frequently in recent months. So I have come to see all of the advantages of flying this upgraded product with Delta.

To start Delta Comfort + gives an extra 4-6 inches of leg room, free alcoholic beverages (always a great perk), and priority boarding in the SKY zone. Plus, dedicated overhead bin space.

Delta Comfort + can be purchased one of two ways, either at time of booking for all of your flights or after the fact, for a fee per segment. If you are on a longer flight, I would highly recommend spending the extra money. The extra comfort can undoubtedly be felt.  

Passengers with Medallion status can get upgraded to this cabin for free before your flight. Silver and Gold Medallions have the chance to be upgraded close to the flight's departure if space is available. Platinum and Diamond Medallions automatically get Comfort + seats shortly after booking if space is available. 

Booking Comfort + does not allow you to access the lounges or check bags for free but even with that being said, the pros most certainly outweigh the cons. 

My personal favorite moment flying on Delta Comfort+ is when I was flying on a short hop from Grand Forks, ND to Minneapolis/St. Paul. 

I was scheduled to be on the 10:00 AM flight but decided to get up early and try to get a seat on the 5:00 AM flight. When I arrived at the gate, I talked to the gate agent. I must add, the gate agent was incredibly kind, and I told her that I was trying to get home earlier. She started typing on her computer, the ticket printer went, and then she handed me my ticket. I was shocked that I made it onto the flight but when I was going down the jetway I looked at my ticket, and it was actually in Comport+! I was initially booked in regular economy.

When I boarded the CRJ-700 regional jet, the flight attendant was very kind and professional, like all Delta FA's are. I made it to my seat and got prepared for what was a great flight, especially after waking up at 3:00 AM. 

If you are on the fence about getting Delta Comfort+, I would recommend getting it, especially if the flight you are on this longer than 3 hours for the utmost comfort in economy! 

We at WTR hope this article helps you decided if Delta Comfort+ is worth it for you.

-Bennett Ashton

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